Dennis Ford

If we do not develop a clear follow up, supportive plan as part of our training session,

I will not waste your money on the opportunity to work with your organization.

Management Consultant

Dennis Ford is a management consultant and regular contributor to
Clear Concept Inc. His Mission is to help organizations tap
into the potential of the people managers and employees to ensure
optimal contributions are made to elevate results and performance standards.

Please visit http://www.clearconceptinc.ca to explore multiple offerings on

productivity in the work place, productivity at home and other people management

options for your organization.

Dennis has 28 years of experience in Sales, Sales Management, Marketing and multiple

Training Roles. His most satisfying work occurred while leading training departments at

top tier Pharmaceutical Companies. He has led and contributed to successful

product launches, company strategies and train the trainer programs.

Dennis has developed, delivered and measured effectiveness of numerous people
management programs at the local and global level. He has received numerous
awards for his contributions in both Sales and Marketing, and Global training programs.

Dennis develops customized programs including:

  1. People Management Principles
  2. Conflict Management Strategies
  3. Real Communication Skills

In all design, Dennis will not waste any of your money by offering any course that does not

have one hundred percent support by your management team.  Training is a

process not an event, and without a follow up, supportive plan, no training can help your people!

His balanced approach of, focus on results and empathy to the people,

contributes to his effortless skill as a facilitator and has been the cornerstone

of his continued success.

Dennis is a writer, active blogger and talented musician who continually
models the proper balance of Art and Science in everything he does.
When not working, Dennis has a very active family life, regularly volunteers,
and participates in numerous sports and hobbies.

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